(815) 622-0500


Pick up days:
South side of the Railroad Tracks: Tuesday
North side of the Railroad Tracks: Thursday

>> Updated 2023 refuse & recycling schedule is available below!

Morrison Recycling & Refuse

The City contracts with Republic Services (formerly Moring Disposal) for the weekly curbside collection of household refuse, recyclable materials as well as seasonal yard waste collection. Residential service, which includes multi-family dwellings up to 8 units, is normally offered on Tuesday and Thursday each week; holiday observances may require a revision in normal schedule from time to time.

Residents may dispose of all ordinary household refuse/garbage, not including yard waste or recyclables in the approved toter with a chocolate brown lid, to be picked up weekly. Recyclables may be placed in the toter with a tan lid, to be picked up every other week according to the schedule and map listed below. For large bulky items, please contact Republic Services at (815) 622-0500 for pricing and to schedule a pick-up.

Guidelines for Acceptable Recycling Material

The City of Morrison encourages residents to recycle everything possible.  The following is a guidline for what is acceptabel recyclable material:

>> Newspaper/mail

  • Any type of news-print and all inserts

  • All things that come in the mail including magazines, brochures, phone books and catalogs

  • Do not bundle these items; place them loosely in the bin or in brown paper bags

>> Glass Containers

  • All types of glass containers are accepted

  • Rinse all glass containers and remove caps or lids

  • Labels and rings may be left on

>> Metals

  • Aluminum and tin cans are accepted

  • Metal pie and cake pans are acceptable, as well as aluminum foil products

  • Rinse all containers

>> Plastic Containers

  • Plastic food and beverage containers are accepted, regardless of the recycle symbol/number on the bottom

  • All containers must be empty and rinsed well

  • Also accepted are rinsed laundry detergent jugs, empty antifreeze containers and rinsed oil containers

>> Paper (Fiber) Products/Cardboard

  • Items such as shoeboxes, clothing boxes, all food boxes, cardboard boxes, and any size appliance or electronic goods boxes are accepted

  • Paper grocery bags are also accepted and can be used to place additional recyclable materials in

  • Not accepted are wax-type milk and juice cartons

How to Load Your Recycling Bin

Although no special arrangement of recyclables is necessary, the following hints may be helpful:

  • Newspapers should be placed loosely on the bottom or along the sidewall of the bin; excess papers may be placed outside the bin in a brown paper bag.

  • Glass, cans and plastics may be mixed and placed loosely in the bin.

  • Recyclable materials that will not fit in the bin may be placed on the ground alongside the bin, but be sure to secure them so the wind does not blow the materials away.

Any material other than accepted materials will be left at the curb with a “Report Card” from the hauler indicating the reason(s) that the materials were rejected.

Yard Waste

The City of Morrison provides for the collection of yard waste.  Yard waste will be collected on Wednesdays from April through November of each year. During the months of October and November, yard waste collection will be twice weekly; on Wednesdays and Fridays. Waste must be placed curbside in approved containers or tied in bundles not exceeding 48 inches in length and 35 pounds in weight. Yard waste shall not be mixed with household refuse/garbage.


Open burning of landscape waste is permitted with the following restrictions:

  1. Between the hours of 3:00 PM prevailing time and sunset on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week and between the hours of 9:00 AM prevailing time and sunset on Saturdays unless either of those days falls on Halloween and/or days designated by the City Council for community-wide trick or treating

  2. On the premise where such waste is generated

  3. Open burning does not occur within six feet of any street or alley, on any street, sidewalk, alley or public ditch

  4. Open burning is constantly attended by a competent and responsible person until such burning is extinguished

  5. When such burning does not create a visibility hazard on public streets, alleys, sidewalks, etc.

Open burning of landscape waste only shall be permitted. Landscape waste means dry leaves and untreated wood and branches smaller than two (2) inches in diameter but does not include noxious weeds or grass clippings.

Open burning of any garbage, waste, refuse, rubbish or substance of any kind other than landscape waste is prohibited. According to city ordinance, no person shall throw, place, or deposit or cause to be deposited any yard waste (including but not limited to grass clippings, leaves, other yard waste and substances, garbage, etc.) upon any street, alley, ditch or public grounds, or upon any property of another within the limits of the city.

Any person convicted of any violation of these ordinances may be fined not less than $75 or nor more than $750 for each day a violation occurs.

The City of Morrison would like to remind the public to be conscientious of your neighbors and the general public when considering lawful open burning. Due to allergies, asthma, and other health issues, some individuals must alter their everyday activities to avoid their exposure to outside air conditions because of open burning especially during this time of year. Weekly yard waste collection is one (of several) alternatives to open burning.