Historical Preservation Commisson

5 members, staggered 3-yr terms

The purpose of the commission is to promote the protection, enhancement, perpetuation, and use of structures of special character or historical interest or value for the quality of life, prosperity, safety, and welfare of the people of the City of Morrison.

The Commission meets once monthly on the first Tuesday at 5 PM at City Hall.

The Historic Preservation Property Tax Assessment Freeze can freeze the assessed value of a contributing property within the local historic districts that has an approved preservation ordinance. Upon certification, the property tax assessment of the real estate is frozen for a period of 8 years at the pre-renovation level, followed by a four-year period during which the property’s assessed value steps up to an amount based upon its current market value. This results in 12 years of reduced property taxes.

This program is administered free of charge as a benefit to Illinois property owners interested in rehabilitating their historic properties.

Historical Preservation Commisson Board

John Tomasino
16124 Ridgewood Drive
(815) 499-9294

Ned J. Nesti Jr.
1714 Ridgewood Drive
(815) 772-7351

Barb Bees
606 W. Lincolnway
(815) 508-5211

Sharon Boyles
500 W Lincolnway
(815) 718-3682

Lynn Kenady
15397 Timberlane
(815) 632-9808

National Register Benefits

Benefits of listing on the National Register of Historic Places:

• Tax credits (far more valuable than a deduction) are given for qualified rehabilitation expenses spent on a contributing property lying within the district. These tax credits can be used by the owner to offset income tax liability or can be sold on the open market.

• Because these tax credits make rehabilitation efforts much cheaper, they encourage owners to rehabilitate their structures- increasing the value of their structures at a significantly discounted cost.

• Newly rehabilitated buildings increase all property values throughout the district.

• By federal statute, being in an historic district minimizes impacts on an owner’s property from federally funded projects.

• Simply having been listed as a nationally recognized historic area creates an enhanced marketing tool for Morrison downtown businesses to advertise and promote visiting Morrison’s Main Street.

• The more rehabilitation and added historic character adds ambiance to the shopping experience in Morrison, thus snowballing the visitor count.

• A Main Street commercial district with character and historic integrity discourages “big box” development which siphons off local retail tax revenues and undercuts local business owners.

• The national recognition our city’s historical and architectural assets itself develops a sense of community pride- always a good thing for a healthy community.

• There is no legal impediment to an owner making any changes to a building in the district.

To view financial incentives for historic buildings, please click here: Financial Incentives for Historic Buildings Morrison 4-21-15