Morrison Police Department

Police patch image

Lower Level of City Hall

200 West Main Street, Morrison, IL 61270

Non-Emergency: (815) 772-7659



(815) 625-7867

About Morrison Police Department

The primary purpose of the Police Department is to provide general law enforcement and public safety for the City of Morrison, its residents, businesses, and visitors. General law enforcement and public safety services include patrol, responding to calls for service, handling complaints and investigating crimes. These services are provided at all times; 24/7/365.

The Police Department consists of the Chief of Police, one Sergeant, five full-time Police Officers, and a number of part-time Police Officers. Along with its primary purpose of general law enforcement and public safety, the Police Department provides numerous and diverse services, programs and activities. These services include Enhanced Emergency 911 Response, School Resource Officer Program, Active Shooter/Violent Intruder Response Training & Preparation, Bike Patrol, Bicycle Safety and Registration, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, NetSmartz Internet Safety for Children, Ministry Council Program Services, and Extended Vacation Residence Security Checks.

The Police Department maintains memberships with the Illinois Association for Chiefs of Police, International Association for Chiefs of Police, Northwest Illinois Law Enforcement Executives Association, Northwest Criminal Justice Commission – Mobile Training Unit #1, Mid-States Organized Crime Information Center, and Whiteside County Crime Stoppers.

The Morrison Police Department prides itself in working to become a more proactive and progressive law enforcement agency in its relentless pursuit for a higher quality of life in Morrison. The Police Department commits itself to continuously striving to improve effectiveness and efficiency through the use of available staffing, technology, and community partnerships.

In an Emergency – DIAL 911

>> Dial 911 for

  • All medical emergencies

  • Reporting a fire

  • Reporting a police emergency such as:

    • any crime in progress that you are aware of or are observing.

    • a crime that has just been committed against you that you just witnessed. For example, you observed someone taking an item from your car that is parked in your driveway and the suspect and/or vehicle description may help the Police Department make an apprehension.

>> When you Dial 911

  • Speak slowly

  • Give the dispatcher your name, address, and the address of the incident.

  • Follow the instructions of the dispatcher, exactly.

  • Observe the people involved and describe them in terms of weight, height, age, hair, eye color, and types and color of clothing.

  • If a vehicle is involved, get the license plate number and state, the color and the make of the vehicle, and if possible, a description of the driver.

  • In a life-threatening or dangerous situation, do not delay calling, in order to collect all of this information.

What Does that Siren Mean?

Monthly Test of Emergency Siren: Steady Tone First Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM

Steady Tone at Other Times: Denotes major emergency situation

Steady Oscillating Tone: Severe Weather Alert Residents should tune to local TV/Radio Stations for more information.

FOP Union  Agreement

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morrison police badge that is gray with Illinois, USA on bottonm

Chief Pedro Valladares Jr.

image of police officer standing in front of the USA flag

Sgt. Kevin Soenksen

image of police officer standing in front on the American flag

Officer Curt Workman

image of a police officer standing in front of the American flag

Officer Dan Simmons

image of police officer standing in front of the American flag

Officer Michael Moon

Gray and blue badge that says Police Morrison Illinois, USA

Officer Cory Drowns

Gray and blue badge that says Police Morrison Illinois, USA

Officer (vacancy)

Picture of front side of MPD coin

Officer (vacancy)