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Grove Hill Cemetery

200 W. Main Street Morrison, IL 61270

Phone: (815) 772-7657

Maintenance Foreman (815) 772-2000

The City of Morrison owns and maintains Grove Hill Cemetery. Located at the corner of High Street and North Genesee Street, is where you will find this beautiful resting place.

Burial records for Grove Hill are maintained by the City of Morrison and are located at City Hall, 200 West Main Street, Morrison, IL 61270. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The price of burial lots in Grove Hill Cemetery shall be as provided in the city fee schedule. See Chapter 14 – Cemeteries in the City of Morrison Code of Ordinances for specific information about Grove Hill Cemetery. The cemetery maintenance foreman of Grove Hill Cemetery shall take charge of and have the supervision of the digging of all graves and all burials in the cemetery.

View a list of burial and lot purchasing fees for Grove Hill Cemetery below.


Annual Cemetery Clean-up

The cemetery maintenance staff begin removing and disposing of gravesite decorations as part of the annual clean-up program at Grove Hill Cemetery the fourth Monday of March.  The clean-up concludes the following Friday.

Individuals who wish to save decorations are asked to remove them no later than the fourth Monday of March.  Decorations may be returned the following Monday.  Persons wishing to place new decorations graveside are also asked to wait until after the annual cleanup.

Grove Hill Cemetery Board of Trustees

3 members, 2-yr terms

Philip M. Renkes
1007 Glenwood Drive
(815) 772-3309

Dan Vandermyde
602 Greenwood Drive
(815) 772-3546

Robert Wiersema
1704 Ridgewood Drive
(815) 772-3555