(815) 772-7657

Who Should I Call?

Who Should I Call? Organization/Department Area Code 815
Abandoned Cars Police Department 772-7657
Address (New) City Hall 772-7657
Animal Control Police Department 772-7657
Annual Financial Reports City Administrator 772-7657
Birth Certificates County Clerk 772-5192
Budget City Administrator 772-7657
Building Code Enforcement Code Inspector 772-7657
Building Inspections Code Inspector 772-7657
Burning City Hall 772-7657
Community Room City Hall 772-7657
Concerns/Complaints City Hall 772-7657
Court Dates Circuit Clerk 772-5188
Curb, Gutter, Sidewalks Public Works 772-7657
Death Certificates City Clerk/County Clerk 772-7657/5189
Electrical Inspections Zoning Officer 772-7657
Emergency Management Services Police Department 772-7657
Garbage Collection City Hall 772-7657
Handicap Ramps Public Works 772-7657
Hazardous Materials IEPA (309) 797-3341
Health Department Health Department 772-7411
Housing (low income/elderly) Housing Authority 626-5043
Inspections (electrical, plumbing, etc.) Zoning Officer 772-7657
Landfill Landfill 772-7308
Library Library 772-7323
Liquor Issues Mayor 772-7657
Marriage Licenses County Clerk 772-5189
Motor Fuel Tax City Administrator 772-7657
Noise Violations Police Department 772-7657
Permits (building, construction) City Hall 772-7657
Permits (special events, parades) City Hall 772-7657
Plumbing Inspections Zoning Officer 772-7657
Property Assessments County Assessor 772-5195
Property Tax Bill County Treasurer 772-5196
Property Tax Challenge Procedures County Treasurer 772-5196
Public Defender Public Defender 772-5191
Recycling Information City Hall 772-7657
Right-of-Way Public Works 772-7657
Sidewalks Public Works 772-7657
Signs & Signals Public Works 772-7657
Snow Removal Public Works 772-7657
Storm Sewer Backups Public Works 772-7657
Street Light Maintenance Public Works 772-7657
Street Maintenance Public Works 772-7657
Subdivision Regulations Zoning Officer 772-7657
Tree-Trimming (City Owned) Public Works 772-7657
Utility Taxes City Administrator 772-7657
Voter Registration/Voting Info County Clerk 772-5189
Water/Sewer Service City Hall 772-7657
Weeds & Tall Grass Police Department 772-7657
Zoning – City of Morrison City Hall 772-7657
Zoning – Rural Morrison Development/Zoning 772-5175

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