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A proposed project will be in one, possibly more, of these zoning districts. The detailed uses permitted within each district can be found in the zoning ordinance, Chapter 62, online at Start there to determine if your proposed use is allowable in the zoning district in which your project is located.

Zoning Map


In order to classify, regulate, and restrict the location of specified uses, and to regulate the height and bulk of the buildings for those specified uses, the city is divided into the following zoning districts:

Residential Districts

R-1 Single-Family Residential District

The intent of establishing an R-1 Single-Family Residential District is to delimit certain areas for the construction of new housing of a more spacious and substantial nature and to ensure that high environmental standards are encouraged and maintained. The principal use of land in this district is for low density single-family dwellings and related recreational, religious and educational facilities normally required to provide the basic elements of a balanced, orderly, convenient, and attractive residential area.

R-2 General Residential District

The intent of establishing the R-2 General Residential District is to encourage adequate new construction and rehabilitation activities in those older sections of the city that are a mixture of single- and two-family dwellings. This district is intended for medium-density residential development. Special uses: assisted living facilities; bed and breakfast establishments; and funeral homes and mortuaries.

R-3 Multiple-Family Residential District

The R-3 Multiple-Family Residential District is intended to provide areas within the city limits where two-family dwellings, multifamily dwellings, sheltered care homes, and nursing homes might be developed without placing undue burdens on the city’s water or sewer systems, and without creating typical automotive traffic concentrations in single-family residential areas. Medium- to high-density residential uses are intended for the district. Special uses: boardinghouses or rooming houses; and hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes, and other similar uses.

R-R Rural Residential Low-Density District

The intent of establishing the R-R Rural Residential Low-Density District is to provide for the construction of a limited number of new single-family homes outside the area served by municipal water and sewer systems. Such areas must be assured of adequate space for the proper performance of septic systems and individual wells. Even though such development is permitted, it is not the intent of this section neither to encourage the redevelopment of agricultural areas for residential purposes nor to alter the character of traditionally agricultural areas. Special uses: airstrips and airports; animal hospitals; cemeteries; agricultural purposes; recreational and educational facilities; and nursing/retirement homes.

Commercial Districts

C-1 Central Business District

The intent of establishing a C-1 Central Business District is to provide non-auto-oriented retail and office uses that would best function within a downtown location and preserve it as the primary focal point. It is intended to achieve a balance of retail, commercial, office, entertainment, and residential and public activities. Development within the CBD should be pedestrian friendly with an emphasis on shared parking and shared access between developments.

C-2 General Business District

The intent of establishing a C-2 General Commercial District is to delimit certain areas for the construction and/or operation of conventional, non-auto-oriented commercial activities that would best function within a central business district or downtown location.

C-3 Automobile-Oriented Business District

The intent of establishing a C-3 Automobile-Oriented Commercial District is to delimit certain areas for the construction and/or operation of those commercial activities which serve or attract an excessive amount of automobile traffic and which, because of this, are more suitable in a non-central business district or downtown location.

Industrial Districts

I-1 Office and Light Industrial District

The intent of establishing an I-1 Office and Light Industrial District is to provide space for office and industrial uses which may function in such a manner that is not exceedingly detrimental to the rest of the community by noise, glare, vibration, heat, smoke, dust, odor, or noxious or hazardous materials.

I-2 Heavy Industrial District

The intent of establishing an I-2 Heavy Industrial District is to de-limit areas in which necessary industrial activities may function in such manner as to be unobtrusive to adjacent nonindustrial uses and in which industrial activities will be able to have the adequate space, transportation, and storage facilities that they require.

Zoning Map Amendment

Amendments to the location of land use district boundaries of the official zoning map may be initiated by the planning and zoning board, city council, zoning administrator, city attorney, or any developer with property located within the boundaries of the city. An application for amendment is required for any map amendment. See Morrison Code of Ordinances Chapter 62 – Zoning, Article XV. – Amendments.

Submittal Requirements
  • Application signed by the owner and agent.
  • Filing fee in the amount provided in the city fee schedule.
  • A legal description of the property, the common address, and parcel identification number (PIN) of the property and the present zoning classification and proposed reclassification of the land proposed.
  • To check on approximate locations of lot lines, click here.

Attention: Contractors and Builders

The following applies in the City of Morrison: The Illinois Roofing Industry Licensing Act, National Electrical Code, Illinois Plumbing Code, ICC, International Building Code, International Fire Code, International Fuel Gas Code, International Property Maintenance Code. Other Codes may be applicable. It is the responsibility of the contractor, builder, and/or owner to comply with all applicable codes and licensing requirements.

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