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There are many licenses and permits issued by various City, County, and State departments. This section contains a listing of some common permits issued by the City of Morrison. Please contact City Hall at (815) 772-7657 before beginning any building project. See City of Morrison Code of Ordinances for specific information.  Also, visit our Forms page for more applications.

Building Permit Application

A Building Permit must be obtained for construction of new structures, additions to existing structures, or any activity, which constitutes an external change. Such projects as re-roofing or siding an existing structure does not require a permit. The City’s ZONING CODE defines “STRUCTURE” as anything constructed or erected; the use of which requires permanent location on the ground or attached to something having a permanent location on the ground, including but without limiting the generality to advertising signs, billboards, backstops for tennis courts, curbs, fences, pavements, sidewalks, and pergolas, etc…

Building Permit

Fence Permit Application

To obtain a Permit, the applicant is to complete the application and submit the completed form and pay the appropriate permit fee to City Hall. Zoning regulations vary among the zoning districts, and applicants should determine the specific requirements applicable to their project. In most cases, approval of the permit application is subject only to the City’s verification of compliance with appropriate zoning regulations. Please allow 1 week for processing.

A Special Use Permit is required whenever the intended use of a building, structure, or zoning lot does not conform with the use(s) specified within the Zoning District in which the building or lot is located.

Fence Permit

Special Use Permit Application

Whenever the standards of the Morrison Zoning Ordinance place undue hardship on a specific development proposal, the applicant may apply to the Planning and Zoning Commission for a Variance. The Planning and Zoning Commission shall review the applicant’s request for a Variance and shall submit its recommendation to the City Council.

Special Use Permit Application
Variance Application

If the proposed construction project requires new water and sewer service, a Building Permit will not be issued without first obtaining the required water and/or sewer permits from City Hall. If a structure is to be demolished and is located within Morrison City limits, a Demolition Permit is required. A permit must be obtained and permit fee paid, prior to demolition.

Variance Application
Demolition Permit

Zoning regulations vary among the zoning districts, and applicants should determine the specific requirements applicable to their project. Generally, the following setback requirements are applicable to buildings in residential districts:

  • 10’ from interior side lot line; 60’ from center line of street
  • 30’ from rear lot line (principal building)
  • 5’ from rear lot line (accessory building)

Demolition Permit Application

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Attention: Contractors and Builders

The following applies in the City of Morrison: The Illinois Roofing Industry Licensing Act, National Electrical Code, Illinois Plumbing Code, ICC, International Building Code, International Fire Code, International Fuel Gas Code, International Property Maintenance Code. Other Codes may be applicable. It is the responsibility of the contractor, builder, and/or owner to comply with all applicable codes and licensing requirements.


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