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City Government

Mayor PannierR. Everett Pannier, Mayor City of Morrison
200 W. Main Street
Morrison, IL 61270

Phone: (815) 772-7657

Title Official Term Expires Contact
City Mayor R. Everett Pannier 2021 (815) 772-2528
City Clerk Melanie T Schroeder 2021 (815) 772-7657
City Attorney Tim Zollinger 2018
City Administrator Barry Dykhuizen 2021 (815) 772-8247
City Treasurer Evan Haag 2021 (815) 772-7657

The Morrison City Council is comprised of eight elected Aldermen from four wards and the Mayor, who is elected at large. Elected officials serve four-year terms, with the Aldermen serving staggered terms. Municipal elections are held in April of odd numbered years.

All City Council and Commission meetings are open to the public and citizens are encouraged to attend. Each City Council meeting has a public comment section where citizens may address the Mayor and Council about topics of interest or concern. Citizens are required to sign-in before the meeting if they would like to make a comment, so they can be included in the minutes.

The City Council of Morrison meets twice monthly on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. Meetings are at 7:00 PM and are held in the Whiteside County Board Room at 400 N. Cherry Street, Morrison, Illinois.

Ward Alderman Term Expires Contact
Ward 1 Kenneth Mahaffey 2019  (815)409-5762
Ward 1 Dale Eizenga 2021 (815) 772-4773
Ward 2 Mick Welding 2019 (815) 772-8024
Ward 2 Harvey Zuidema 2021 (815) 772-3084
Ward 3 Vernon Tervelt 2019 (815) 772-3090
Ward 3 Josh West 2021 815-499-4556
Ward 4 Arlyn Deets 2019  (815)772-4972
Ward 4 David Helms 2021 (815) 772-2644

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